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As the fifteenth century drew to a close a man stood on the shore of Portugal looking west. Facing him was a seemingly limitless ocean stretching out to the horizon. What lay beyond he did not know. He had heard tales of monsters and demons. He had seen terrible storms, angry seas, and dangerous currents. He had survived one shipwreck.
What kind of man could look out at this and choose to be among the first to cross?
Who was Christopher Columbus?
And why did he choose to make that fateful voyage in 1492?
These are the questions the Bacalao Conspiracy tries to answer.
Like all of us, his story is more complicated than it would first appear.
On these pages you will discover the hidden world of Christopher Columbus.
You will meet the people who were important to him,
and who helped him grow into the Admiral of the Ocean Sea.
You will learn about the events driving the Age of Exploration
When the Middle Ages was bleeding into the Renaissance.
Join the Conspiracy!
Come meet his mother, Susanna, his wife Phillippa, his mistress, Beatriz.
Come meet the Basque, who used these women— and a fish to change—everything.
We all know how this story ends. We have known since grade school.
Let me show you how it began.

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