Susanna Mother of Columbus

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Susanna Fontanarossa is a girl from the tiny village of Gorretto, in the mountains north of Genoa. At an early age she loses her mother and is forced to sacrifice her childhood to care for her brother. She meets Dominic Columbus who is serving his apprenticeship with a weaver in Genoa. Dominic is smitten and pursues Susanna, but her family responsibilities prevent her from considering marriage. When she finally agrees the couple settle in Genoa where Susanna finds life as wife and woman in the fifteenth century to be restrictive and oppressing. Refusing to disappear into her husband’s shadow, she chooses instead to define her own existence. Susanna raises Christopher to be confident, quick witted, and charming, and in the process, instills in him a sense of his own destiny. Her close connection to Christopher is broken when he shipwrecks in Portugal, but her unwavering faith in him, and her increasing dissatisfaction with the life she has found with Dominic, drives her to Lisbon where her sons Christopher and Bartholomew have settled..